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Many contractors in the construction industry find themselves in last minute safety stress. It usually starts with a phone call from a construction manager asking if you can start work on site in 4 days time, and by the way, you will have to submit your SWMS and safety documents asap for approval... sound familiar!

Now you're stressed... you have to reschedule jobs and hope that your clients don't get upset, then sort out what safe work method statements you need for the new job. You know your SWMS are out of date and won't pass the site safety officers review... you have less than 3 days to sort your SWMS and safety document pack... don't stress!

We specialise in site specific SWMS taking the stress out of safety and getting you and your safety documents onsite, ready to start work on time! 

What people say

Ace Aluminium, Australia

"Ace Aluminium would like to thank Construction WHS Consultants for all the help given to us in regards to Work Health and Safety recently.  You always responded and were quick to do so and you went above and beyond to explain the Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS).  It gave us much better understanding of our WHS requirements.  We highly recommend you to anyone needing WHS advice or documents and will be definitely keeping you on our database for future requirements."

G3 Solutions, Australia

"As a Company who followed strict policy and procedures in all areas of our work, we needed some help developing our WHS documents to meet our standards.   Construction WHS Consultants have helped us achieve this in all safety aspects.  With an eye for detail and prompt response we happily recommend the company and their team." 

Superior Garages, Australia

"Our WHS system required a major overhaul.  Contacting Construction WHS Consultants turned out to be agood move.  Since that time after initially sorting out a few specific contracts, we have now developed a complete system which sets us up as a fully compliant company with regards to Work Health and Safety.  Attention to detail, being fully versed in all current regulatory requirements and efficient delivery of the documents have been the main areas we've appreciated. Thanks Ian and your team!"


Safe Work Method Statements


Our site specific safe work method statements are created for builders and tradies in the construction industry. SWMS are one of the most important safety documents for onsite compliance because they combine risk assessment and management with job planning. Work health and safety is a lot easier to manage when it forms part of your job planning process everyday, rather than treating like an extra task that you have to complete.


Safe work method statements are a legal requirement for all high risk construction work (HRCW) activities that you may be carrying out onsite. If you would like to know more information about the required HRCW SWMS such as, working at height (above 2m) or Silica Dust (RCS), please fill out our contact form and we would be happy to assist you.


We like to keep things simple and effective for our clients. Our safety services are customised around your specific business requirements... meaning you get as much or as little as you need to stay compliant and within budget. Read more...

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Our online construction SWMS and safety document products have been designed and developed to comply with current legislation in all Australian states and territories. Immediate download to get you onsite on time!